What Is Your BOLD Move?

As spring arrives each year, it unearths more than just the daffodils and cherry blossoms. Amidst the blooming, the breeze and the sunlight, a certain restlessness often appears. You have finished your winter “hibernation”, you are ready to go out and play, but when you stand on the proverbial doorstep to the season, what’s in store for you?

Spring signals a time of rebirth, renewal and growth.  But as adults, these changes don’t happen naturally.  We are meant to renew and grow, but it is up to us to determine the direction, seek the motivation, and get going.

You may associate this renewal and growth with “spring cleaning”.  Although a great tradition for your home, what about for yourself?

To reawaken yourself to possibility and to shake off the winter cobwebs, I challenge you to commit to a BOLD move.

A BOLD move is going to be a stretch for you, something that is both delightful and scary.  You will be excited by the prospect of its completion, but cannot yet imagine that finishing point. A BOLD move is the act that makes you think: “I could never do that…”.

BOLD moves can take many shapes:

  • starting that business that you have talked about for years
  • asking for the promotion you deserve
  • running a marathon (or at least a half)
  • offering yourself as the expert to speak at a major conference
  • finally saying “no” to that one person in your life (you know who that person is)
  • calling a recruiter, or
  • waking up an hour earlier every day, no matter what

If you can’t think of your BOLD move, ask yourself:

“What is one action I can take that scares me?”

If it’s still too difficult to think about this answer, have a friend or colleague ask you or make suggestions – when you cringe and feel your stomach tighten, you have your BOLD move.

When you commit to a BOLD move, you immediately shake up your status quo.  You will be amazed at what you can do when you go BOLD.

Think it, speak it, write it down, and see what happens…

For a thinking partner, a sounding board, and someone to hold you accountable to your BOLD move, email me at valerie@cherneskicoaching.com.

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