How Can I Build Up My Confidence? I Am Out of Practice.

One of the key ingredients to your relaunch is building your confidence to get out the door and head back to work! Perhaps you know which path you want to pursue, you are comfortable with your resume and LinkedIn profile, and have a list of people to contact. But, you are having a tough time pressing the “Go” button. This is when you want your confidence to kick in! If you find that it doesn’t happen overnight, you are not alone. Confidence sometimes needs a nudge, and there is no better time to start nudging than right now.

Confidence is being the best you can be and believing you can succeed. Confidence takes your intentions and creates action. For relaunchers, confidence has you ask for an informational interview. Confidence moves you to apply for a position, and it is confidence that convinces you that you are ready, qualified, and deserving of a seat at the boardroom table.

Not there yet? That’s okay. Confidence can be learned and built, using these strategies.

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