Bio – Draft

Valerie Cherneski, LLB, BCL, CPCC is a certified executive coach, facilitator and speaker who uses her background in law and psychology to motivate change and development. As the Founder of Cherneski Coaching, Valerie focuses her practice on highly driven and dedicated corporate professionals and attorneys, and assists them on a variety of issues to streamline their lives, transition well, and further build upon their success. As an attorney and industrial relations specialist, Valerie acts as an experienced sounding board and advisor. Valerie serves clients across the United States and Canada.

Coaching Style

Valerie’s passion for supporting professionals at the intersection of career, family, and self shines through in her coaching work. She is intrigued by the decision making processes on integrating professional careers with the complexities of parenting and managing full and high pressure lives. She relies on a strengths based approach, believing that continued success and advancement requires building upon one’s strengths, and capitalizing on opportunities at every turn.

Valerie ensures a strong foundation in her clients through teaching the cornerstones of success – awareness of values and strengths, strong health and habits, and ongoing planning and accountability. As someone who has successfully navigated through several, demanding transitions, Valerie works with her clients to turn challenges into opportunities for growth and excellence. And in this process, she balances a direct, results-oriented approach with fun and complete engagement with her clients.

Special Interests or Expertise

Relationship & Communication Skills
Confidence & Resilience
Career Re-Entry and Transition
Time Management & Work/Life Integration
Leadership Development & Executive Presence
Role Transition
Goal Setting & Execution
Delegation and Staff Development
Marriage Transition

Prior Background

As an attorney, Valerie worked at two, highly respected law firms. She counseled executives of major corporate clients on various matters relating to sound management practices, improved relationships with employees, and retention measures to be taken to prevent the loss of top talent. Valerie also gained corporate experience as an industrial relations specialist at a large corporation, managing employees and developing and drafting policies for workplace management issues. Valerie is well positioned in the marketplace as an Executive Coach and her work has been featured in, the Globe and Mail, and as an expert, return-to-work coach with iRelaunch, and as an authority on career matters in podcast interviews.

Education, Training & Certifications

LL.B. (JD) and B.C.L. (Bachelor of Civil Law)
Bachelor of Arts: Psychology
Coaches Training Institute (CPCC credential)
International Coach Federation (PCC credential)
Systems and Relationship Training, CRR Global
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®
Marriage Transition Certification, CDC

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