Coaching produces measurable results that improve the bottom line.

Coaching is fast becoming an integral ingredient to success within well-run companies and law firms. Organisations that choose to provide coaching demonstrate a commitment to seeing their employees reach their full potential – and enjoy the retention of top talent.

I focus on producing actionable strategies for achieving goals. I provide a framework for action, give honest and objective feedback and hold clients accountable to their commitments.  Throughout the process, I communicate with the employer (regarding the parameters, not content, of the coaching) to ensure that we are continually meeting the objectives of both employer and professional.

Coaching with Valerie was about me finding my voice, discovering who I want to be as a manager.  People get used to you working in a certain way, so if you’ve always taken the lead and then you stop and change your step, people notice – but they adjust.

It was an adjustment that had to happen, and there was surprisingly little push-back. My company was on board. They’d facilitated the process.(Manager, national education organization)

I partner with employers because I understand the demands, responsibilities and expectations placed on their professionals.  I understand my client base, from my own experiences as a legal professional, and apply the same expectations to my own professional and personal endeavours.

Return on Investment

Our partnership produces results for the individuals and their organizations.

As an organization, you will see an improved capacity of the individuals to meet their responsibilities. They will improve their leadership skills and will approach their work with a broadened understanding of the impact they have on their teams.  According to a 2009 study performed by PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP and the Association Resource Centre Inc., who surveyed over 2000 coaching clients, an extremely high satisfaction level was reported, with 96% of clients indicating that they would seek out the coaching process again, given the same circumstances.  Respondents noted that the primary areas of improvement were confidence, communication skills, work performance, work/life balance, interpersonal skills, and relationships.

This high level of satisfaction was also reflected by companies that calculated their return on investment from hiring coaches.  In a study conducted by Manchester Inc., which surveyed 100 executives who had received coaching, the average reported return on investment was 5.7 times the cost of the coaching.

  • The benefits to the organization included improvements in productivity, organizational strength, customer service, and retention.
  • The benefits to the individuals who received coaching included improvements in teamwork, working relationships with peers and direct reports, job satisfaction and conflict resolution.

I don’t intend to give it up. After all, anyone who thinks they’re done coaching is probably wrong.” (Partner, national education advocacy group)

Recommended Topics and Targeted Professionals


  • Work/Life Integration for Parents: Coaching to address the various issues that arise when managing a successful career and a family to ensure retention of top talent
  • Leadership Development: Coaching for leadership best practices: improved communication,  relationships, strengths based management, and priority setting for maximum performance
  • Outplacement Coaching: Coaching employees leaving the company to sever the relationship professionally, preserve the goodwill of the company, and enable strong, future ties 

Law Firms

  • New Partnership Coaching: Leadership coaching during partnership transition to ensure continued productivity and practice growth (suitable for senior associates and junior partners)
  • Practice Management Coaching for Lawyer Parents: Coaching to address the various issues that arise when managing a successful practice and a family to ensure retention of top talent
  • Maternity Transition Coaching: Coaching to optimize performance following maternity leave
  • Outplacement Coaching: Coaching lawyers leaving the firm to sever the relationship professionally, preserve the goodwill of the firm, and enable strong, future ties 

Program Components

Coaching programs are based on the invidual needs of the employer and client.  These programs can include:

  • Assessments appropriate to individual needs (to identify strengths, manage work/life integration, and develop leadership/communication skills)
  • Coaching materials and tools to support success through identifying goals, values, and obstacles
  • Unlimited email correspondence to support the client between sessions
  • 15 minute check-in or prep calls, as necessary
  • Correspondence with the firm contact (sponsor) regarding the objectives, logistics, and parameters of the coaching.

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