Coaching for Life-Changing Success

Valerie Cherneski, LL.B., B.C.L., CPCC coaches highly motivated, successful lawyers and corporate professionals.  As a lawyer and industrial relations specialist, Valerie has a track record of meeting and exceeding expectations.  When she sets her mind to something, she succeeds.  This is the attitude Valerie brings to the table and the consequence, for you, is uncompromised results.

When you coach with Valerie, she acts as a sounding board and advisor.  She guides clients to work smarter, implement change, and fine tune their already successful lives.

Professionals typically hire Valerie to:

  • Better meet the demands of work and home;
  • Reduce stress and manage their time more effectively;
  • Create business development plans suited to their strengths and professional brand;
  • Improve relationship skills;
  • Become stronger leaders; and
  • Structure their priorities for maximum performance.

Valerie facilitates success.  If you are ready to polish your strengths, challenge your limitations, and push past your own definition of success, you have come to the right place.

**Please note that coaching takes place over the phone, and Valerie coaches clients in several different cities.




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