Individual Coaching

I provide one-on-one and group coaching to highly motivated professionals looking to challenge their current perspective and fine tune their lives.  I coach with a results-oriented vision, and strive to foster courage and a serious commitment to the partnership from my clients.

In past work with other coaches, I had been able to fudge my homework, especially when it involved introspective activities that were loosely defined. But with Valerie I was always on top of things. She gave me great tools, and I know when I commit and have a process to follow, I’m able to discover what I need to do.” (Education Executive)

Consultation:  I offer a complimentary consultations with prospective clients to discuss coaching, establish a connection, and determine your best course of action.

Foundation Session:    The coaching relationship begins with an initial Foundation Session.  During this session, I’ll work with you to discover your goals, values, accomplishments, challenges, and expectations.  From this session, you will obtain a clear understanding of where you are right now, and where you want to be.

Coaching Sessions:    Following the Foundation Session, we establish regular coaching sessions.  Typically, these sessions run 40-45 minutes, three times per month.   Given your busy schedule and the reality of work and personal obligations, flexibility in scheduling is always built in.

Commitment:    Although a commitment is not required, clients generally find that building in an initial timeframe of three months is the most effective way to achieve results.  As with anything in life, the success from coaching comes from dedication and hard work in between sessions.  To see the change you wish to make, allow yourself a realistic period of time to reflect, process, make choices, and fall off the wagon once in a while.

Coaching Packages

I have developed a series of coaching programs designed to assist lawyers and professionals in managing busy schedules, both at work and at home.  Read more about these tailored packages on the Programs Page.

Workshops and Group Coaching

All my workshops and group coaching sessions are developed in consultation with you to ensure your organisation’s priorities are met. I’ll do the rest. And I am passionate about giving workshop participants an engaging, thought-provoking and task-oriented program they will apply to their own roles far beyond the duration of the workshop.

I am currently partnered with iRelaunch, the industry leader in career re-entry programs in Canada. For a glimpse at some of my work with this national organisation, read one of my articles here.

While working as a coach in New York City, I ran a monthly, group coaching program The Momentum Coaching Circle,  which focuses on women who are starting their own businesses and need support in creating a business plan, setting goals, and designing an individualized picture that takes into account the diverse facets of their lives.

I have also developed and delivered the following workshops in New York:

  • What Are You Waiting For? Take Actions on the Next Steps in Your Life
  • Your Strengths and the Path to Success
  • Next Stop on the Track: A Workshop for Mothers of School-Aged Children

I have no intention of giving up coaching. I’d encourage anyone at a certain point in their career. You’re already on the way but where are you going to go? How are you going to get there and take control of your career path?” (Director, Canadian Financial Institution)

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