“We all know the first few steps of a new endeavour can be difficult and in so many ways… from deciding to take those steps to doing so in line with one’s values. Valerie helped me “own” my first few steps. Her support and guidance helped me be proud of how I am crafting a meaningful career – thank you, Valerie!”

– Lawyer, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


“I’ve been working with Valerie as my coach for several years. With her help, I have made several difficult but important transitions in my life. As a direct result of her efforts, I am a partner in a major Canadian law firm with a successful and fulfilling practice, have made significant progress on several other very important life-long goals, and am in an inspiring and loving relationship with someone I truly admire. She has a tremendous ability to be supportive while helping to cut through the excuses and change bad habits that stand in the way of doing the hard to realize your goals and dreams. She is truly a fantastic coach and a great person and I can’t recommend her enough.”

– Partner, Canadian law firm


“When I started working with Valerie, I was struggling to figure out how to maximize my performance at work and keep my longer-term goals in mind at the same time. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the coaching process, but before I knew it, I felt more confident and could more easily work through my challenges at work and plan for my future. I realized that learning to detach from issues helped me communicate better and focus on the things I can control – I stopped worrying about so much that is out of my control. I feel clear that my career is on track and I have made some very bold decisions that I didn’t think I had the courage to make!”

– CPA, New York


“Valerie did an amazing job of balancing jumping into the middle of my job search with making sure she did the more general foundation work with me. We talked about goals, established what my values were, and she also had me take the Clifton Strengths test. She quickly got up to speed and was able to offer timely, effective advice on how to interview for that position.

I got that job, but it turned out not to be a great match for me. I decided rather quickly that I wanted to move on and start a new search, and Valerie supported me throughout that entire process. We went back to square one, and she encouraged me to focus on what I wanted and needed from this next position. She consistently helped me keep my values front and center…Valerie encouraged me to network, to cast my net widely, and helped me stay focused in spite of my many family obligations.

I could not possibly be happier with the job I have now. And I am sure I would not have been as successful had I not worked with Valerie. The job I have is a perfect match for who I am, and I am surrounded by people I love to work with. I owe a great deal of my success to Valerie’s thoughtful, honest, and timely counselling.”

-Senior UX Researcher, Accenture Industry x.0 company


“I was extremely fortunate to receive the counsel of a close friend, who mentioned the work he had done with his coach, Valerie Cherneski. He let me know that Valerie had helped him identify and achieve his goals, and recommended that I give her a call.

Now, I am in a completely different place in terms of my career. Valerie worked with me to identify my strongest skills and develop a plan to optimally leverage those skills. Very early on, I explained that throughout my career, I had always been the company’s de facto proofreader/editor in addition to my full-time role. At that moment, my company was born, and all aspects of my life have improved dramatically ever since.

Valerie was the missing piece. Her invaluable insights, professional experience, and sound advice were instrumental in starting and building my company.

The hardest part for me was admitting that I needed some help. Once Valerie and I began working together, the positive changes came rapidly. I strongly encourage anyone looking to enhance their career not to wait any longer, and to enter the next phase of their life with Valerie as their strategic partner.”

-Consultant, Connecticut


“Valerie was instrumental in helping me re-launch my career. She helped me identify my goals coupled with a realistic timetable. She instilled tremendous self-confidence and guided me in a personal reflection that provided a valuable roadmap for my pursuit. The work I accomplished with Valerie will benefit me far beyond the re-launch effort.”

– Biotech consultant, Marin County, California


“After just one session with Valerie, I knew that coaching with her would impact my life. I immediately signed on and have seen remarkable success. Being a lawyer herself, Valerie understands the demands that are placed on me each day at the office and in the courtroom. Beyond that, she supports me in furthering my career while managing my responsibilities as a mother. We go straight to the tough issues of juggling my priorities and asserting myself in a high-stress environment such that I can be successful at work, which success is so critical to my personal fulfillment. My coaching relationship with Valerie, has given me renewed energy and has made my life less chaotic and more balanced.”

-Lawyer, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


“While coaching with Valerie, I have improved my communication skills and confidence with clients and other lawyers at my firm. I have also become very clear on my priorities, as a lawyer, mother and spouse. When I am at work, I focus on my responsibilities at the firm, and when I am at home, all of my attention is on my children and outside interests. Valerie helped me be a better working parent and has been instrumental in empowering me to discover what is important to me. The result is that I feel happier, more centred, and content that I can be a dedicated professional, a role model to my two young children, and less exhausted at the end of the day”.]

-Lawyer, Toronto, Ontario, Canada


“Valerie is direct, honest, and supportive in a non-critical manner. She immediately focused on my strengths and taught me to use them to achieve my goals. Each time we finish a call, I am left with new insight about myself and a plan for action. She is intuitive, inspiring and a role model.”

-Clinical Psychologist and Education Advocate,  New York


“In each coaching session, Valerie and I work through the challenges I am facing as a leader in my organization. With her assistance, I am able to remain unattached from emotional drivers and therefore [more deliberately] focus my time and energy on what matters most to myself and my team. She pushes me to exceed my own expectations and holds me accountable each week. Given her background as a corporate attorney, she has a clear understanding of complex business issues and the dynamics of organizations appreciates the pressures I face and wastes no time jumping into the real issues.”

– Managing Partner, Citigroup, New York


“I contacted Valerie when I was off track with my career direction, unsure of my real talents, and totally confused. I found Valerie’s process to be very clear and non-confrontational. Valerie empowered me to coach myself out of the situation. She always directed me to some tiny gem of learning at precisely the right time. Valerie is acutely insightful and provides on point “provocation”. The framework led to clarity, and not more questions.

The shift in attitude that I needed, and that previously seemed monumental, ultimately came easily. The work I did with Valerie literally turned my thinking about myself and my possibilities around and allowed me to refocus and regain my confidence. Her guidance is thoughtful, articulate and powerfully intuitive.”

-Creative Entrepreneur, New York


“Valerie is a brilliant listener and is able to immediately focus in on the real issues behind the words. In a group setting, Valerie understood the different personalities and empowered each of us into action based on our individual values. She has great instincts as a coach and I am very happy to see the change in my own life after working with her.”

-Physician, New York


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