What is Coaching?

Valerie asked me if I could make one bold move what would it be and I thought: I have to write a book about this… It’s okay to go into coaching not knowing what you want. It will end up taking you in a direction that suits you.” (Clinical Psychologist, author, mother of four)

Coaching provides you with the tools to identify and conquer your challenges.  Through dedication and hard work we achieve measurable results in your work and personal life.

Coaching is fast becoming an integral ingredient to success within well-run companies and law firms. The choice to provide coaching within an organization demonstrates a commitment to the highest standards and the retention of top talent.

The process works. The orientation of coaching is forward thinking and focuses on producing actionable strategies for achieving goals. Through coaching I provide a framework for action, give honest and objective feedback, and, importantly, hold you accountable to your commitments.

With a corporate legal background I understand the demands, responsibilities and expectations placed on you as a lawyer, executive or leader. I also understand what my clients are capable of and I expect success – for myself in my own professional endeavours, for my clients’ outcomes and our partnership.

Through coaching you will address your challenges head on and alter your perspectives, assumptions and habits to meet and exceed your expectations. You will improve your effectiveness in meeting the demands of your career, your organization and your personal life. You will be empowered to recognize which challenges are in fact opportunities to act with intention.

Frustration, according to Valerie, was a waste of energy. We worked on my reaction, the only part of the situation I could control.

In a recent conference call, we’d reached a sticking point. I realized I can choose to perpetuate this now or rise above it. I applied some of the things I learned with Valerie and it helped us get to a better spot. “ (Senior executive at a major financial institution)

How does this Work?

Every coaching journey is unique, and I don’t believe that one size fits all, in any facet of life. However each journey is underpinned by my Pillars of Practice©; the three fundamentals that lay the foundation for change:

  • Values & Strengths
  • Health & Habits
  • Planning & Accountability

Using these fundamentals we work together to create a one-page Blueprint for Better Living. This is the framework that will give you the confidence to Set the Intention, Make the Change.

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