What Will Your Theme Be?

We have now begun 2019 – Happy New Year to all of you!

As I look ahead to this new year, I try to avoid the notion of resolutions because I see first hand how easily it is for all of us to get caught up in the moment and commit to behaviors that do not necessarily reflect our true values, priorities, or current reality.  Although there is so much to learn from failure, that does not mean you should be setting yourself up for it!

Instead, I have been reflecting on themes for the year – with themes, actions will naturally arise that are associated with the theme, and this feels more aligned with success and fulfilment.  Two themes come to mind for 2019 – Joy and Commitment.

I am drawn to ‘Joy’ because it is fuller than happiness and encompasses so much or so little at the same time.  If I stay focused on Joy, I will naturally stay on my path of simplifying and staying present with whatever is in front of me at any given time.  To be joyful, one has to be in the moment, and not be thinking about the past or what is to come tomorrow, or even tonight.

‘Commitment’ is doing my best, today.  This doesn’t mean being the best, nor does it mean perfection.  It also isn’t a standard that is static across each day – for each day brings new challenges and uncertainties.  If I embrace that, I am more likely to get on with it – whether that is exercising in the face of fatigue, being positive in the face of difficulty, or simply reaching for my best, at any given time.

Will you join me with these themes, or your own? Click on any of the following materials to guide you:  10 Dreams for 2019, Vision Plan, and Set Your Intention for 2019.  For help in the process and to stay accountable to live your theme, please contact me at any time.

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