I’d lost the ‘Dr.’ in my name. Through coaching with Valerie I reclaimed it.” (Mother of four, Clinical Psychologist, Education Advocate, NY)

Returning to work after a career break is fraught with challenges. From deciding how to take the first step, to building the confidence to delve into your old contact book or working out how to start a new one, perhaps the biggest challenge you’ll face relies on rediscovering your professional identity.

It is also the greatest opportunity for you to surprise yourself.

As part of my career transition coaching with lawyers and corporate professionals, I offer one of two programs to people heading back to the workforce after a career break:

  1. A tailored re-launch package through my Coaching Program for individuals.
  2. I facilitate Relaunch Boot Camps, hosted by As noted by iRelaunch: “RTW [return-to-work] Boot Camp is a results-oriented, high-impact group coaching experience led by an outstanding accredited career coach. The “no-fluff,” content-driven curriculum draws on the strengths from our book Back on the Career Track, the “Bible of Career Reentry,” and our latest thought leadership since the book was published in 2007.”

As with most major life-changes, inertia, confidence and indecision are the hallmarks for this period of transition. Whether you are working on rebuilding a career or embarking on a new one, the tasks and tools I’ve developed for my relaunch programs have seen my clients move forward in astounding ways.

With Valerie’s rare combination of high emotional intelligence, strong analytical skills and organizational knowledge, I was able to push forward even though I had questions.

Valerie helped me use a formal interview process to seek answers to those questions rather than letting them turn into doubts that would hold me back.” (Executive for a US Education non-profit)

To learn how coaching can help you make the transition, contact me about which coaching program will suit you.

Then, take the opportunity. Surprise yourself!

Relaunch Resources

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