What Will You Choose?

Happy New Year!

The holidays are officially over and 2020 has begun! No matter what you believe about resolutions, there is something exciting about starting a new year and thinking about the days and months to come.

Many of you will decide to start fresh with goals or continue on your current path. The term ‘goal setting’ gets mixed reviews so do not stress if it doesn’t appeal to you.  As with all things in life, I believe in a very individualized approach.  You will find what works for you based on your values, strengths, personal/professional situation and how you are wired! Do not spend time thinking about what your neighbors, friends or spouse are doing – keep your eye on your own prize.

There are many approaches you can take to planning for the new year and here are some to consider:

Choose a WORD or phrase to be your theme for the year. This word will guide your choices and your daily activities and will eventually, with practice, stay top of mind as you look for motivation to push through your work, stay patient at home, put the phone down, run the extra mile, or be more present in the stillness.

Monthly or quarterly GOAL setting. Nothing new here, although there are many methods available. Below are links to a few worksheets/templates for you to check out:

BOLD goals, one at a time. Here, you can set a courageous, BOLD goal and work on it until it is completed. Classic example: run a half-marathon.  This means that your focus, outside of the rest of your life, will always be to come back to this goal until it is met.  Then, you choose the next goal (maybe work-related this time) and move on.

10 DREAMS for 2020: Here, you make a bucket list of sorts for the year. It is similar to goal setting but feels different (at least for me) and becomes a simple checklist you can re-visit often. Click here to download my template.

For me, I am going to start with a WORD to guide me: Simplicity.  Whatever I choose to do and how I behave will be laced with Simplicity.  Life has become so busy and sometimes complex, with so many moving parts, that I have started asking “How can this be simple?”.  It doesn’t necessarily mean to do less, although that could be the answer at times, but to remove the complication, the anxiety or stress in a swifter, more automatic way.   Everything is created twice in this world – once internally, in our minds, and then again, externally, in our outer world.  Simplicity will start in my mind and I will take it from there.

What will you choose? Feel free to share with me your thoughts for the year, any planning you wish to do together, or how I can support you for a fantastic 2020.

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