Is Age Just a State of Mind?

Age is a top concern for relaunchers. This is the case for relaunchers of all ages because whether age is going to be an issue depends on more than just your actual age – it can also depend on your industry, the length of your break, and whether you are making a career transition while […]

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What Will You Choose?

Happy New Year! The holidays are officially over and 2020 has begun! No matter what you believe about resolutions, there is something exciting about starting a new year and thinking about the days and months to come. Many of you will decide to start fresh with goals or continue on your current path. The term […]

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What Are Your 18 Dreams for 2018?

2017 was a turbulent year for so many people, and for the world in general. Although we can always find gratitude in our lives, there are times when searching for gratitude doesn’t come as easily as one would hope. I have heard from some that simply knowing 2017 is over makes them grateful. And that […]

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