This is a package I have developed for all the professionals experiencing difficulties in their daily routines. When you hit the intersection of career, family and self, it can be overwhelming to accomplish anything but the bare minimum in all aspects of life. In that sense of overwhelm, you are not alone.

I coach professionals to navigate this intersection with energy, intention, and a plan.  I’ll take you step-by-step through your unique issues and life to create a one page BLUEPRINT for BETTER LIVING© that will give you MORE:

  • Control over your daily life;
  • Clarity on your current path and long term goals;
  • Energy to be more present at work and at home;
  • Strategies on managing guilt and overwhelm.

I think coaching is valuable to anyone, whether you’re looking for change or not. It’s about organizing your life and being as effective as you can be.” (Co-founding Partner, NYC Law Firm)

My clients

I work with corporate professionals and lawyers who are intelligent and highly motivated; work in fast paced environments on complex matters; won’t settle for mediocre in their personal and professional lives and as a result, often live with the “burden of the riches” syndrome.

The “burden of the riches” is the pressure felt by people who want it all because they are capable of having it all:

  • They can go the distance in their careers and beyond (when not feeling tired or guilty);
  • They could switch tomorrow and be very successful in whatever they choose next (which can cause anxiety and constant questioning);
  • They are not only driven professionally, but in other areas of life as well;
  • On top of it all, they set high standards for themselves as parents and for their children.

All this requires a significant, daily commitment. It can be overwhelming.  You may not have the time or energy to focus on anything but doing the best you can at whatever is in front of you right now.

I see this pattern often – clients getting through the days putting out fires, never having the time or mental space to plan ahead, schedule in what matters, and enjoy living in the present. Then they decide they want to move on, or the person beside them receives an interesting opportunity, and they realize they do not have a clear path in mind.

Yet it takes a clear path to begin the quest for a more fulfilling career, better health or less exhausting days.

Valerie took the view that you don’t have to just jump from one job to the next but your career should be part of a trajectory that incorporates the rest of your life. She gave me the focus to realize what my values were and, based on those, where I could be in five, 10 and 20 years’ time.

I now see that my job is just one of the steps in this process. I don’t think day to day anymore.” (Lawyer, City of New York)

Through coaching I will work with you to create a clear slate, to identify your goals, develop a plan and take action.  I provide a confidential space for you to address any roadblocks and to make the necessary changes to enjoy continued success at work and at home.

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