Coaching Programs

I don’t believe in ‘one-size-fits all’ solutions.  If you are ready to Set the Intention, and Make the Change, that’s all that matters. Coaching can take a life of its own and it is an exciting, surprising journey full of action and change.

To get you started, here are some of the basics:

Monthly Coaching

I won’t ask you to commit to anything but yourself.  When you do you’ll start to see some results immediately, and others, over time. Through my Signature System clients have experienced dramatic changes in three months, in one year, and well beyond our coaching relationship.

I wanted to change but I had no passion, no motivation. I was looking for a job I later realised I didn’t want. Valerie gave me the confidence to see that I was much better suited to starting my own business. She made me realise it’s not the risk talking, it’s not another person, it’s you.

Now that I’ve started my own business, I don’t have motivation problems.” (Partner, NYC Law Firm)

My sessions are as varied as my clients – their goals and their outcomes. However, the framework I developed around my coaching packages ensures we’re able to fully explore opportunities that arise through our sessions, while remaining committed to our long term goals. Your  coaching includes:

  • Foundation Session: During this session we work together to discover your goals, values, accomplishments, challenges, and expectations. You will obtain a clear understanding of where you are right now, and where you want to be (1.5 hours – billed separately).
  • Regular coaching sessions (2 hours/month)
  • Strengths Assessment
  • Coaching materials and tools to focus on your goals, values and obstacles
  • Materials to support the development of an individualized, one page BLUEPRINT for BETTER LIVING
  • Unlimited email correspondence and 15 minute check in calls

Clients then choose either to continue their work on their own, or to continue coaching as an ongoing tool for regular accountability, structure, brainstorming, counsel and support.

Relaunch Package

If you are looking to re-launch your career after a career break, please inquire directly about my Relaunch package. To read more, see my guest post for iRelaunch, the industry leader in career re-entry programs.

Intensive Coaching Sessions

I offer powerful, intensive, two hour coaching sessions that are ideal for professionals who need immediate support on a specific issue.  The focus of this session is entirely up to you, agreed upon and prepared for in advance of the call.

Clients have used these intensive sessions to address issues related to urgent decision making, work/life integration, and strengths identification for improved communication, leadership and practice management.

I feel clear that my career is on track and I have made some very bold decisions that I didn’t think I had the courage to make!” (CPA, New York)


I am committed to an investment level that is comfortable for professionals without creating a “barrier to entry.”

If you are curious about how coaching could help you, just ask! I’m passionate about coaching and will happily speak with you about my process, without obligation.

I’d say if you’re even considering coaching then you should do it. A career is a long path and it’s worth-while to spend a few hours with someone who can help you manage it. (Lawyer, City of New York)

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