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Coaching Professionals for Life-Changing Success

It’s eye-opening, how our deeply-held beliefs get in the way of us being the people we can be.” (Director, National non-profit organisation)

As a certified professional coach with a background in law and psychology  I have the privilege of coaching highly motivated, successful professionals, who require some fine-tuning in their lives or tools to implement a change. I meet clients at the stage in their lives when their role as parents, spouses, and professionals intersect, and often, when that intersection has become either overwhelming or a source of conflict – or both.

This is where coaching comes in. Coaching allows you to create the necessary space in your life to tackle each challenge of each day with confidence. It’s remarkable, how productive, present and positive you can be despite the multitude of daily decisions you make, when you’re armed with the confidence that they are all part of a larger framework.

Through coaching, I equip clients with the tools to build that framework. And through coaching I commit to becoming the sounding board, advisor and guide to lead clients to work smarter for a fuller life.

Rather than make small gains on great effort, Valerie turned my energy towards the more positive – and productive– exercise of working on my strengths… Her idea was that the most successful people strengthen their strengths, while most people would do the opposite.

That was a turning point. Gaining permission to recognize my weaknesses and then move on. It was incredible. Having someone tell you: this is what you’re good at, now go forward.” (Deputy Counsel for a major portfolio with the City of New York)

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