Will You Say ‘No’ Today?

With these shorter days comes more of everything it seems: more work to meet your year-end targets, more school work and activities, more planning for upcoming holidays, and perhaps more stress to make that change in your life that you promised you would make in 2015. If you are like so many other lawyers and […]

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Are You Doing What You Do Best?

Believe it or not, your natural talents will unlock your success. Whatever you do best is what uniquely positions you for peak performance, regardless of your career or how competitive it may be. This simple thought, which is the driving force behind Tom Rath’s book, StrengthsFinder 2.0, is the key to taking your performance to […]

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Are Your Relationships Off Balance?

Negativity exists in every relationship. You fight with your spouse, you nag the kids to get ready faster in the morning, or your best friend takes a bit of well-meaning advice badly. There’s no getting around it, nor should there be. Conflict provides us with huge opportunities for learning about one another and personal growth. […]

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Summer with Einstein

July/August 2013   Summer is the time to slow down.  As demands from work ebb, you can carve out some “me” time – whether it’s a trip to the beach or simply reading a novel in your backyard. Indulgent as these long, lazy days may feel, summer vacation also provides a huge opportunity for personal […]

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What is Your Default Future?

When breaking down bad habits, or building new ones, you may find yourself getting lost in the moment, choosing immediate gratification over your long term desire.  For example,  despite your best intentions to exercise on Monday night, you choose the couch, your office, or that glass of wine over the exercise.  In the simplest terms, […]

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Are You Really Telling the Truth?

Has anyone said they do not believe you when you say you don’t have enough time to do X, Y, or Z?  Has anyone challenged you to find the “wiggle room” that would allow time for those activities, without backing down when you resist? My clients are a microcosm of the professional world at large […]

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Are You Willing to Let Go?

At this time of year, many of you may take stock of your “stuff” and realize that you have too much of it.  Whether it’s because Santa is coming to town, your in-laws are coming to town, or you want a clean living space when you return from going out of town, December is the […]

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